Deep Dives 2021

There are three main ways of taking part in the Schools Climate Summit: (a) through on-campus activities organised by schools themselves, (b) the main online Summit Programme on 29 June, or (c) by participating in expert-led Deep Dive sessions.

We’re delighted to offer almost 20 Deep Dives on each of the five main Summit themes this year: the 4 ‘C’s and the 1 ‘F’ of Campus, Curriculum, Careers, Community and Finance.

The full list of Deep Dives offered as part of the LCAW Schools Climate Summit, can be found below with full registration details.

1. Campus

Planet health: waste impacts and  solutions in our routine

Tue 29th of June 12:30-13:30

Recipes for success: how schools can serve climate action through food

Tue 29th June 11:00-12:00

How to adapt our schools for a changing climate

Tue 29th June 1:30-15:00

Showcasing Food Waste Initiative in Schools

Tue 29th June 14:00-15:00

Too wet or too dry–adapting to water related climate challenges at your school

Tue 29th June 14:00–15:00

How can we build or adapt School Campuses to be resilient to Climate Change?

Tue 29th June at 15:30-16:30

What role can schools play in transitioning to a Use/Sharing economy?

Tue 29th June 17:00-18:00

GameChangers Youth Summit – social action in schools

Fri 2nd July 09:30-10:30

2. Curriculum

Global School Partnerships:  Exploring the SDGs & taking action on Climate Change

Tue 29th June 16:00-17:00

Camden Schools Climate Charter – a framework for climate action

1st July 15:30 – 16:15

Becoming a Zero Carbon School – Getting started with Let’s Go Zero

Tue 29th June 16:30- 17:15 and Thu 1st July 16:30-17:15

Climate Change in the Classroom: a training workshop for primary teachers

thu 1st July 16:00 – 17:30

TeachMeet: Get outdoors for Climate Action

Thu 1st July 15:45-17:15

Helping your students respond to Climate and Ecological emergency

Tue 29th 12:00-12:30

Helping your students respond to Climate and Ecological emergency

Tue 29th 19:00- 19:30

3. Community

In Search of Aether Songs for Schools

Sat 26th June 09:00

Schools and Businesses: Can the two work together for climate action?

Tue 29th June 16:00

4. Careers

Embedding climate & sustainability into apprenticeships

Tue 29th June 13:00

5. Finance

A Green Recovery for Schools? Show us the money.

30th of June 15.30-16.30

Schools Climate Summit – Culture/pop musical

THIS IS A LOVE STORY – pop musical

Thursday 1 July @ 5:30pm

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