This year London Climate Action Week (LCAW) (23 June – 3 July 2023) will host the annual Schools Climate Summit bringing together London’s school sector as a major force for climate action. London has an ambitious climate agenda and schools have a vital role to play in delivering it. All of London’s different types of schools are invited to take part: state schools, independent schools, special schools, faith schoolsalternative provision and international schools. Each day of the Summit will engage with one of the Summit’s five major themes – the four ‘C’s and the one ‘F’ – Campus, Curriculum, Community, Careers and Finance.

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Meeting the city’s net zero, circular economy and broader Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 will require a step-change. While individual school efforts are inspiring, only a sectoral approach can create impact at scale. The LCAW Schools Climate Summit calls on London’s 3,500 schools to think like a system & act as a sector.

If you’re an educator, activist, student, governor, policymaker, parent or business manager, this Summit is for you. Join us and help frame a new schools’ agenda to tackle the climate emergency at scale.

Missed the 2021 LCAW Schools Climate Summit?

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